i need your love !(✿◠‿◠)

i love you
you're gorgeous, get high with me someday'
❀❀stoned & alone❀❀
❀❀stoned & alone❀❀
Anonymous: brown wavy hair, curvy (big butt and boobs) love anything classic rock and vintage, pagan and into anything supernatural, kinda freaky love a good laugh

date :) come off anon bae

Anonymous: 5'4" Egyptian, Costa Rican, Salvadorian, but born in the US.. I speak Arabic and Spanish too. Curly hair, but I like doing it to look diff at times. I'm an artist, social, love errone kinda haha I loveee laughing, talking on the phone, koalas, and a lot of other things ahah I guess I'm a liddo chubby but that just means a liddo more to love haha, 36DDD (sadly bahaha) anyways, yeah I was bored so I thought I'd do this. Live in Caliiiiii too

u should come off anon and be my friend,seriously tho, do it plz ^.^gooo !!! :)) 

Anonymous: 5'3, my hair is a little past my shoulders and dirty blonde and curly, i usually wear my hair in braids with a backwards baseball cap, i have a little bit of a muffin top, i play tennis all the time

cute muffin top :) datte 

Anonymous: I'm 4'8 /.\ I have long brown hair and and a sleeve Aztec tattoo and snake bites c: I am 18 years old and can play the piano and drums. I love going to raves and cuddling ❤ I'm very giddy and spontaneous and always up for adventures. c: Lets date 😘

u should come off anon and be my friend :) like now !! :)


i hate it how when your munching on something and your watching your favourite tv show and you cant fucking hear anything because your food is to loud and then you turn up the volume but then it becomes to loud like ugh is there a solution to this madness